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Refined management
Comprehensive office system recording data、Analyze data;Human nature Reserved talents;High -quality customer groups make us constantly Grow up in learning。
Market segments
Guide the direction of market products;Professional product response Information;Professional business operation model。
Technical support
Technical sales recommended products that are most suitable for you;Subdivide Technical talent in the market field。
Integration of resources
Combined with eight -year sales、Management experience,Integrated product involved And the field and resources,Recommend the product that is best for you Service method。
Company profile

Focus on international market


Wuxi Jiayida New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in Jiangsu province in 2012. Engaging in the research, development and production of fine chemicals. It is the leading manufacturer of thermochromic dyes in China,mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of color former leuco dyes.

The company has a high-quality R&D team and advanced testing equipment.It was founded with the aim of“Technology Innovation, High Quality , Sincerity Oriented”.With technical supports of research institutes such as ECUST,regards quality as life,technology as source,presents a vigorous upward trend of development.

Due to the continuous expansion of business and the increasing
demand for orders, we opened a new factory in Henan Province in July of 2020. The production capacity will be increased ten times than Wuxi Jiayida and production cost will be correspondingly reduced.

Both chemistry itself and human relationship are very important to our business, we are willing to cooperate with companies that need customized chemicals and win hand in hand!


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